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The comic for grown-ups who ought to know better

Welcome to Pootworld! Poot! was a magazine featuring bottom jokes, bum gags and arse-related humour (to name just three - there's sometimes stuff about willies too). Seriously, though, there were cartoons and satirical text features with all kinds of jokes, including funny ones. The last issue was number 7 which came out in September 2011. The next one will come out when we damn well feel like it, but don't hold your breath. In the meantime, desirable, collectable and utterly Pootylicious back issues are available for purchase to discerning silly comics fans in the UK and worldwide: click here to find out more!

We should perhaps mention at this point that Poot! is only for sale to adults because it contains rude words like "bum" and "knob" and some that are even ruder!

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